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Finding a legitimate, work at home job that pays fair and asks for a fair amount of work can be a long, arduous process. You must approach it from a perspective of looking at it from a detailed, focused perspective so that you can avoid scams and any hint of jobs that are questionable or those asking you to do unethical things. As you start your long process of finding that “right job”, it may be necessary to look through hundreds, if not thousands of jobs, job boards, leads and referrals before finally deciding on something that is comfortable for you and that feels right. Well, friend I have GOOD NEWS for you, I have done all the heavy lifting for you! This report will reveal 25 sites that will pay you to write, blog, take a picture or shoot a video. Some pay a one-time upfront payment and others offer a residual income. If you apply yourself, you could be able to sign up at the sites you are eligible for, make a submission and have money ready to be sent to you within as soon 30 days. I have personally checked each and every link to make sure they are working and accepting applications in 2013.

 MOST POPULAR Squidoo (articles) 50% of all revenue from ads and affiliates (adsense, amazon, etc)

 Hubpages (articles) of revenue from ads and affiliates (adsense, ebay etc)
 Snipsly (articles) 80% ad revenue from adsense– articles only have to be 3 sentences long!  

Boost Place (articles) (Use Register button at the top of screen/menu) 80% revenue from Adsense AND Chitika  

Sponsored Reviews (review) $5 to $1000 per Review

 Consumer Search (review) minimum $350 per review

 Wizzley (article) 50-60% share on ads plus 10% on referrals.

 I am sure you will make some money online if you follow through with these sites. if you need more sites that pays you to work online,simply shoot me an email at

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