Are You Rich or Poor?

The idea of being rich or poor is just a perception of the individual’s mindset.
In the world today it is either you are rich or poor. The mediocre concept of middle class is just a mirage. Like it or not, the rich will continue to get richer and the poor will get poorer.Like the polar ice caps, the middle class is disappearing. The world economy is becoming a two-class society. Soon you will be either Rich or poor. What makes the difference between the rich and poor is their mindset and quality of information the rich has that the poor don’t.

Problems on the Horizon
Just as we are only now becoming aware of the effects of global warming, we are also only now becoming aware of the effects of the loss of our middle class. Currently, most members of the middle class feel safe and secure. They are content, even though most are aware that we have problems on the horizon. They feel safe because they believe their government will step in and take care of them and protect them. Little do they know, there is little that government can do to protect them.

Governments, even the U.S. government, cannot protect their people as they once could, simply because the problems are now global problems. For example, the price of oil is determined by countries outside the control of the United States. Terrorism is not a war against nations. Terrorism is a war against ideas. A terrorist can strike anywhere and disappear into the populace. And globalization, causing the loss of so many American jobs, is the problem of multinational corporations becoming richer and more powerful than many countries. This globalization has also been made more possible through the World Wide Web making communication instantaneous anywhere in the world. Communication has become possible any time any where.

Financial Advice

There are three levels of financial advice: advice for the poor, advice for the middle class and advice for the rich. The financial advice for the poor is that the government will take care of them.
The poor are counting on Social Security and Medicare. The financial advice for the middle class is: get a job, work hard, live below your means, save money, invest for the long term in mutual funds and diversify. Most people in the middle class are passive investors- investors who work and invest not to lose. The rich are active investors who work and invest to win. These e-books is about becoming active investors - expanding your means to live a great life by working and investing to win.
People want greater vision so they can see with their own eyes and make their own decisions. Because our educational system does not really teach people to be financially literate, people cannot see. And if they cannot see, there is no transparency. Due to this lack of vision and transparency, people are simply investing by giving their money to someone else to invest. They blindly follow the advice of "work hard, save money, invest for the long term in mutual funds and diversify." They work hard and follow this investment advice because they cannot see.
A word of caution: If you believe that working hard, saving money, investing for the long term in mutual funds and diversifying is good advice then these 30 BUSINESS E-BOOKS may not be for you.

Businessmen, Not Politicians
People expect their elected government officials to take care of the growing problems facing the poor and middle class. Authors of these 30 business e-books are not politicians. They wrote these e-books as entrepreneurs, investors and educators. Instead of promising to solve your problems, they want you to avoid becoming a victim of the problems. Do not expect your political and government officials to provide solutions. Do not think you are entitled to a secure, prosperous and healthy life. Instead they want you to become rich and become part of the solution to the problems the world economy face.

Not A How-To Business e-Books

When it comes to money, many people want to be told exactly what to do. They often ask specific questions, such as, "I have $500,000. What should I do with it?" When you tell people that you do not know what to do with your money, they are happy to tell you what to do ... and their recommendation is that you give your money to them. These e-books are not a how-to books. The authors will not be telling you what to invest in. They will share with you how they think, why they win financially and how they see the world of money, business and investing.

A Matter of Vision
Most rich people do not want you to know what they know or their secrets to becoming rich. But these authors are different. They want to share their knowledge with you.
One of the definitions of leadership is vision. These e-books are about visions, about seeing what most people never see through the eyes of these authors, men who have won (and occasionally lost) at the game of money. 30 business e-books are e-books about how these men think and why they think the way they do. Through their eyes you will gain additional insight into how you can improve your financial future.

The e-Books Is Not About Changing the World
These e-books are not about changing the world. It is about changing you so that you do not become a victim of a changing world. The world is changing rapidly. Politicians and government Bureaucracy cannot change fast enough or protect everyone from these shifts.
It was sometimes announced that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have joined forces to solve some of the world's most pressing problems. This is commendable as money does have the power to solve many of our world problems, such as hunger, affordable housing, and hopefully many diseases (such as cancer and AIDS), but…….

Money Cannot Solve Poverty
The one problem money cannot solve is poverty. While there are many underlying causes of poverty, one of the causes is a lack of financial education. The problem with throwing money at the issue of poverty is that money only creates more poor people and keeps people poorer longer.
These authors know that the one true solution to worldwide poverty is financial education, not money. If money alone could solve poverty, rich men and governments would donate their money. But since money cannot solve poverty, they donate their time. In addition, a portion of the profits of these e-books will be donated to charitable and educational organizations that also teach financial literacy .As your financial education increases; you will start to recognize financial opportunities everywhere. Once you become rich, you may choose to help change the world as well.

As you read these e-books you will see the voices of men and women, from different backgrounds, different perspectives

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