Five Important Points you must know about the Foreign Exchange (FOREX)

1. Knowing the Market and Knowing Yourself Better
Forex trading can be very complicated for beginners. There are some who are too caught up in understanding the complexity of the market that before they knew it they already lost a significant amount of money. To grasp the markets, you need first to understand yourself better..

2. Set Your Emotions Aside
As much as possible, don’t let your emotions affect your trade decisions. Trade calmly, never plan to take revenge after losing a trade. Avoid adding lots of positions when winning, being greedy may cost you more in return. Being too excited or too nervous may alter the results that you have envisioned. Moreover, over-trading is not the proper way to go. It will just shake your money management and will dramatically increase your trading risks.
3. Follow The Trend
You must consider the trend as your friend. Though going against the trend is not necessarily bad, it is not necessarily good, as well – especially for an inexperienced trader. Trading against the trend requires more attention, sharp skills and nerves in order to pull it off successfully.
For beginners, you need to remember that when a trend is up, stop selling and when the trend is low, stop buying.
4. Keep It Simple
Too much of something, is always bad. Too much information brings chaos to your system and lead you to bad decisions. Organize your thoughts and create a simple working method. Forex strategies don’t have to complicated to be successful.
You have to understand that the simpler your system is, the better it will work and the better results you will get.
5. Working Smart Is Better Than Working Hard
Learning Forex trading doesn’t really matter how many hours you spent on it but on how you utilize those hours efficiently. For beginners, the best thing to do is to start with swing trading and avoid going directly on day trading.
It is common among beginners to make mistakes. However, you may avoid all of these given the right knowledge. If you want to succeed, try to put your efforts in the right areas. Just remember these 5 simple things and be ahead over others.

Money matters: Punches of Debts

Debt, who has not experienced having it? Who does not get pushed to a situation to have it?

Money says it all. Though some people say that money is not the most important thing in life, the paradox happens around us. People do everything just to keep their pockets full. Many even tries to do all means just covet it without considering the morality of the action. People dive, box, steal, swindle just for that thing. People want to live with comfort. Affluence is so influential today. Money pulls opportunities nearer to one. Just imagine one day; you realized that you have too much debt. What will you do? Hide or seek?

There are these effects which are less talked about but they are so true. If one’s debt pile up, it will really give a hard time to the individual. Just the thought of soaring bills, the soonest deadlines, the fines if one could not pay on time… All of these will really make one go mad. Not only mad but-

First, one’s self-esteem will trim down due to the thought that one is so bad to have allowed himself to be in that situation. This effect is proven by many situations. The sudden change in one’s grooming may tell. Keeping your confidence in this kind of scenario is a must. Letting go of one’s self-esteem may just ruin your entire life. The frustration of not making it well will really affect a person’s perception of his very self. He thinks he is the cause of the entire problem. Sometimes, past frustrations will also be opened again.

Stress is a major problem by modern-day people. When one is stressed out due to worrying about his debts, like what if he is going to be put behind bars due to it? These continuous thoughts will really disturb the person psychologically. This will give one anxious moment. Lose of appetite will follow soon. Sickness will follow. Not only lose of appetite but also lack of sleep because of thinking so hard will cause a person to get thinner. His resistance to physical challenges will not be good like it used to.

The most painful blow of having so much debt is the walls it will build within a family. Since you are so affected by the problem, you get irritated so easily. Family members will also share the sentiments, like frustration and shame. There are even times when you will blame each other for the misfortune. Arguments, complains and blames will bloom out of the blue. People involved will surely feel the pain of the situation. A family will be divided, a friendship may crack down. Worst, untoward cases of inflicting deeper degree of pain will be the consequence.

Life is a gamble. WE cannot have everything but we can do something n order to set the path we want to take with our beloved family. Borrowing money is fine. Just see to it that your resources are enough to pay it- on time.

Is Money Neccesary Evil

It is always believed that money is the root of all evils. Yes, it could be but it is not all-true. We need money for our needs. If used well, it is the greatest material asset you could have. But, if you let yourself get carried away with the things and the services money could afford without proper use would result to negative outcomes.

Money could be an angel and save you from worries and give you a life of comfort and of convenience.

On the other hand, it could lead to a worse situation.

• Money could be the source of the guts to be into gambling and other forms of vicious activities. This would further result to even worse outcomes.
• With money, materialism is also growing. Too much of it would be very negative in effect.
• People gets too reliant on money and laziness or tardiness are triggered. This of course plunges down the dignity of work.
• Money is the cause of selfishness and greed for most modern-day people. With the wrong perception that money would make one feel happy and secured, people do all means to covet it.
• Relationships are broken due to the disagreement in money matters. Feuds blow up when money is at stake.
• Money in form of prizes, people tend to rely on their luck by joining games of luck and become too impatient of working hard.
• Fraud in the government like corruption rooted from the influence of money.

As we see it, it is not money that is evil. How people see and consider money is what matters most. Through time, money has become the wrong core of lives people have. Due to such, misery wraps the world and it all falls back to the fact that majority of people around the globe has the thinking that money buys all and money influences all.

In a shallow look, these are true but beneath the materialistic worldly eyes, there are things that money could buy and the things that are of huge essence are not necessarily things.

Monetary Finances between the Poor and the Rich

Money, money, money…

This is the cause of all that is material but the reason why man struggles so hard. The value of money is so unstoppable now. It is so important though people always try to claim that it is not that so much important. The fact is so clear that money matters… a lot.

Around the world, money determines the status of a country in the international scene. The rich ones are of course- powerful. Those which are poor are usually the subject of oppression and discrimination. Even within a country, there is a big deal between rich families and the masses. Sad to say, the gap is so big. We could claim that equality exists but there are so many obvious reasons telling us that it does not. How come many stay on the street begging for alms when many just spend to waste their financial resources?

Money is the cause of imbalance. The world has in it a promise of equality but it seems strange. Third world countries have difficult times to finance all their affairs especially education and health aspects are neglected. For other rich countries, people live with comfort and the value of their piece of coin is as much as the value of the third world’s 12 hours.

This uneven distribution of wealth and finances greatly affect all. Some countries could finance big and expensive events for a night. It may include welcoming so many guests and showing off the riches of a place. For the poorest, their government could barely prioritize their basic needs over military equipment. According to statistics, there are an overwhelming number of hungry people most especially children. This is not overwhelming but a kick on our hearts.

Countries are creating a community of amity. They share what they have while others seek the help they needed. Why some countries’ finance not suffices their people’s mere existence? This is the saddest question to answer. Why? It is because the answer is still unknown.

On the other hand, poor countries do not seem to find means to escape the pity of big countries. They just live with donations. Low financial capacity is often coupled with blaming the society for all the misfortune. The point we want to stress out is, let us not let personal inadequacies to vanish into thin air. Does a poor country strive for its personal wealth? Let us say not necessarily finances.

There is a lot of wealth around us. They come in beautiful forms but we just think money conquers all.

Improving how to spend your money

Money may not be with you all throughout the year. There are downs and ups when we talk about the financial resources and income of an individual or family. In dealing with financial difficulties, there is a need to have budgeting techniques as early as possible. There is a need for us on how to master the art of stretching the capacity of our available money.

It is but normal to commit errors especially when you are not yet used to doing things your job calls for you to. But, do not make those mistakes that you would surely regret in the long run. As soon as you could, you have to develop a great way of managing to budget your money. There are some tips you could remind yourself of. These would be points you could use in making or establishing good means to improve the way you budget your money.

• Make a list of your unwanted budgeting habits. This includes all those you think of being not useful or helpful for you and your financial needs and financial security.
• You plan on what to do in order to tae the first steps in changing your old habits or acts in which they made your budget method a failure.
• Manage your income and the amount of money you spend by preparing a sort of tally sheet of such information.
• Prepare your spend plan. This must include your foreseen expenditures.
• Collect receipts and note bigger amount spent
• Limit spending by looking for some alternatives to it
• As much as possible do not uses much credit card or checks.

Those above-mentioned points are really a great reminder for you. If followed, you would clearly see the improvement in your budget techniques. It would surely result to better financial management capacities for you.

When this is achieved, you would definitely live a more satisfactory life. The right way of how you budget what you need as a winning one in the field of financing one’s self.

Debt Consolidation: An Alternative to Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is when a person or business officially declares the inability to pay back creditors the money that was previously borrowed. This should only be done as a last resort, because bankruptcy will affect every aspect of your life. It will also affect your ability to get loans, mortgages, and credit card in the future. However, for some people, declaring bankruptcy means finding freedom once again. It wipes your slate clean so to speak, and you can start over again with your credit.

However, there are a number of things you should try before you declare bankruptcy. One of these things is debt consolidation. Deb consolidation cannot help everybody concerned with money problems, but for some, it is jus the boost needed to keep them from declaring bankruptcy.

Debt consolidation is basically taking all of your loans and paying them off using one large loan. You then have one monthly bill to pay instead of a number of smaller bills. This can save you money in the long run. Why? The one large loan will usually have a secured lower fixed interest rate. This is especially advisable if you are considering declaring bankruptcy because of high credit card debts.

Credit cards have very high interest rates—usually much higher than any other kind of loan. If you miss just one month of paying your card in full, you may never get back on track for paying off the balance. This can really start to add up if you find that you have more than one card. If you are far into debt, you can probably not get an unsecured loan from a financial institution, like a bank. However, you should be able to get a secured loan. A secured loan uses your house, car, or other possessions as collateral. With a lower interest rate, you can start making headway into your debt instead of simply making the minimum monthly payments. This will help you to avoid bankruptcy.

Consolidating your debts may not be the best choice for everyone. In fact, in some cases, bankruptcy is really the best way to get back on the financial fast track. However, it is important to realize that you have choices. If you don’t have to declare bankruptcy, avoid it and you will find that your life will be financially easier to handle in the future. It depends on your unique situation. Talk to a financial professional if you want more help learning about debt consolidation.


Investing in traded endowment policy is buying priceless time. Endowment policy is derived at the tail end of the policies. Endowment policy is transferred on the date of purchase. The date of delivery of the policy documents is irrelevant'. Total of reversionary bonuses declared so far. This figure would normally include any special bonuses declared. Market makers and auctioneers need to know the total bonuses given on the policy; this will be found on your latest bonus statement. If this cannot be found, life offices will usually provide the information to policyholders over the telephone.

The life company that issued the endowment policy. Life companies are now obligated to inform you that you have a selling alternative if you are considering surrendering your endowment policy, and. Works very closely with them to ensure that the process goes through as smoothly as possible. The length of time that you have held the policy. The surrender value you have been quoted by your life company.

There is a guaranteed payment of endowment to the policy holder, upon the completion of policy's term. Helps in reducing borrower's financial responsibility towards his/her family. Gives back original 'sum assured plus the accumulated bonuses' to the borrower. the endowment investment policy is a 'written contract' and a 'long term investment product'. It gives reversionary bonus to the borrower when the policy matures. There is a payment of surrender value to the policy holder in case of policy surrender. It guarantees a certain minimum amount when the endowment policy matures. It requires monthly payments and here the bonuses are declared annually. This type of endowment is very expensive, now it is rarely used.

Endowment policies are major drawbacks, and they have encouraged prospective policyholders to use other investments such as ISAS as their mortgage repayment vehicle. ISAS have therefore largely superseded endowments as the vehicle used to repay an interest-only mortgage, as they provide greater flexibility and better access to funds than endowments. In addition, they are likely to have lower charges and enjoy better tax treatment than endowments, especially during the early years, while still having the same underlying investments. It makes sense to take a medium to long-term view for any investment, and it's particularly necessary where the policy is being used to repay a mortgage. The performance over that period will vary, but it's unlikely to be all plain sailing.

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How does your money with an endowment policy work?

Having known that an endowment policy is a long-term savings plan, usually between 10 and 30 years. Endowments is use for life assurance, such that it can pay back a mortgage when the policy holder dies within the term of the policy, most organization spelt out this as a requirement for providing the mortgage.

Endowments offer an efficient tax savings plan for its holder to enable him/her earns a reasonably big amount of money to achieve certain objectives or goal. In order for the policy to pay out free of all personal taxes a set of Inland Revenue rules need to be adhered to. These state that the amount paid out on death needs to be a minimum of 75% of the premiums paid during the term of the plan endowment policy.

In considering a shortfall of your endowment policy on maturity the shorter the time period the policy is taken, the greater the potential for a shortfall in the final payout at maturity. In most cases, on getting 20 to 30 years endowments in the earlier years should be able pay off a mortgage on maturity. This could be as a result of saved money gained in higher rates of interest in the money market.

What does a Unit-linked endowment investment offers? You can invest in any of the insurance company's range of unit-linked funds. This type of endowment investment plan policies provide no guarantees as to what growth will be achieved.the policy holder has the option of switching or changing funds to benefit from the various investment opportunities that are offered by the different classes of assets,stocks,equities etc as the circumstances changes.

The “with profits” endowment investentcould be seen as the percentage of the amount of growth made by the with-profit fund having accumulated over the years. A statement is given to the holder once in a year specifying the investment situation where a very small or no annual bonus added. The insurance company pays what is known as “reversionary” bonus to the policy holder which is not taken away. They also pay a terminal bonus to the policy holder at the time of maturity, though this is dependent on the terms of the assurance company. When you take out a “with profits” or unit-linked endowment, the insurance company has to give you a written illustration of how much your endowment might be worth at maturity. This is calculated based upon the amount you have paid and will pay in the future multiplied by an annual projected growth rate.

The endowment premiums are basically calculated using the specified growth rates, the age and gender of the life assured(s) (to allow for the cost of the life assurance) and the term of the policy Projections are made based on a 7.5% mid-range growth rate. The projection rates are usually set by the regulators to reflect how the economy is doing and how it is expected to do in the future. Stock market inflation and prevailing interest rates are much lower now than they were in the last two decades, so reducing the projected rates for new and intending endowment policy holders becomes necessary.

The annual average growth of the policy having been lower than 7.5%, which could have been your projected growth rate, may not be worth as it was initially projected. So at maturity the policy may not repay your interest only mortgage. Sometimes it could overshoot this is dependent on many economic variables. In order to help you achieve the projected maturity value of your endowment, the insurance companies assess the situation of your endowment to inform you. They will let you know how much your endowment policy investments have grown over the period sending you projections using conservative assumptions about future growth showing any projected deficit.


With profits endowment

with profits endowment policies are normally enhanced with regular bonus payments. Bonuses are added to the sum assured and once added can be withdrawn at certain times, usually at death or maturity and possibly other times specified in the product terms.

One of the most popular endowment policies sold in the UK is a with-profit endowment. Offered by life assurance companies, with-profit endowments pay the buyer a fixed sum (called the basic sum assured), in addition to earnings from investments made by the company. The basic sum assured plus the investment profits are paid after a predetermined length of time, as long as the policy holder has also been consistent with the monthly payments they agreed upon.

Bonuses may be added annually (known as the reversionary bonus) and at the end of the term (a terminal bonus) depending on investment performance.

There are two options offered for with-profit endowments:

“Low-cost” With-Profit Endowment – does not come with a guarantee for the full value of the loan. Rather, only a portion of the mortgage loan amount is assured of being returned to the policy holder by the end of the policy’s maturity period. This is the less expensive option if you can deal with the higher level of risk. When the endowment matures, profits from the company’s investment are added to the lump sum (through a bonus system) to recover the rest of the loan’s value.

Full With-Profit Endowment – includes a guarantee for the full value of the loan by the end of the maturity period. Usually more costly, it also offers the policy holder the lowest level of risk because whatever happens, they still recover at least the whole amount of the mortgage loan, plus bonuses if the company’s investments turned out to be profitable for the duration of the endowment’s maturity period.

Low start endowment.

Low start endowments are another type of with profits policy where bonuses are added to the endowment sum assured.

First time homeowners find low start endowments attractive because it allows them to match their expenditure with the starting level of their income and then lets it grow in pace with their (ideally) upward financial mobility.

A low start endowment features smaller initial premiums that progressively get higher over time until the endowment matures. Payments are usually at their highest by the last 15 years of the policy.

Flexi endowment.

A policy is written say for a total term, say to the age of 65, with options to encash after 10 years without penalty. The policies are usually written in segments to allow some to be encashed and some to be continued. This may be suitable for school fees planning.

Unit linked endowment policies.

Premiums buy units in a fund of the investor’s choice. Units will be cancelled each month to buy life cover. There is investment flexibility as funds can be switched.

Units will be purchased at the offer price and sold at the bid price (usually lower) incurring a bid offer spread charge of around 5%. Set up costs will be taken off the fund value.

 Non-profit endowment

A non-profit endowment, as the name suggests, has no stock investment component. It is not designed to pay off a mortgage; rather it is bought for the life cover it provides. As such, it is not a very popular choice for endowments as most buyers purchase endowments in order to help them pay off their mortgage loans.

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Some benefits of Endowment policy

Each year the actuaries at the life office review the growth made by their investments and they then apportion the profit to all the policies in force at the time, by way of declaring bonuses which are then permanently attached to the policies. In effect, the owners of the policies are participating in the profits of the life company.

Most people take an endowment policy to cover their dependants during the financially demanding years. They then cash the endowments when they retire since their dependants have established themselves and need no more protection.

They can then use the surrender value plus other bonuses to finance

other things of their own. An Endowment policy gives the holder a return on their premium payments, through an endowment in their own lifetime unlike a whole life insurance which pays the beneficiaries.

An Endowment policy is the best form of insurance for a person with

dependants since it protects the dependants from financial risk in case of death and at the same time pay back the insurance amount when the risk is done with.

Other benefit includes:

• No binding period, the party insured can cancel the policy when he wishes.

• In the event of death, the value of the deposit is paid out +1%, i.e. 101%.

• The customer decides on the actual investment strategy and in which bank the money/deposit is to be managed.

• Several deposit managers can be chosen for a policy.

• Policies can be set up in CHF, EUR, GBP, SEK, NOK and DKK.

• Investments can be made in various securities, including shares, bonds, investment, funds etc.

• Borrowing can be arranged against the policy, which can thus be used actively as security for new deposit/commitment.

• No EU interest tax on the yield.

• No or minimal capital and/or inheritance tax.

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Before looking at what and how important your endowment policy is to you as an individual or an organization, it is imperative we look at the definition and what it really is.

Definition: The ordinary meaning of the word Endowment itself is simply A fund that is made up of gifts and bequests that are subject to a requirement that the principal be maintained intact and invested to create a source of income for an organization. Donors may set up an endowment to fund a specific interest; and a nonprofit's governing body may set up an endowment. In any case, an endowment requires that the principal remain intact in perpetuity, or for a defined period of time or until sufficient assets have been accumulated to achieve a designated purpose.

It is also a fund that is restricted. Only the interest from the fund can be spent, not the principal that anchors the endowment. Usually, only a portion of the interest or earnings from the endowment (typically 5%) are spent on an annual basis in order to assure that the original funds will grow over time. Professional money managers often oversee endowment funds, investing the money in stocks, bonds, and other instruments.

The essence of an endowment is to ensure stability of fund. An endowment helps diversify your organization's income and reduces your dependency.

What Is Endowment Policy?

An Endowment policy is actually an insurance policy by which a stated amount is paid to the insured after the period of time specified in the contract, or to the beneficiaries in case the insured dies within the time specified .it can also be seen as a life insurance contract designed to pay a lump sum after a specified term (on its 'maturity') or on earlier death. Typical maturities are ten, fifteen or twenty years up to a certain age limit. Some policies also pay out in the case of critical illness.

Endowment policies cover the risk for a specified period at the end of which the sum assured is paid back to the policyholder along with all the bonus accumulated during the term of the policy. It is this feature - the payment of the endowment to the policyholder upon the completion of the policy’s term - which rightly accounts for the popularity of endowment policies. Policies are typically traditional with-profit or unit-linked (including those with unitized profits funds).

An endowment policy is often used to pay off an interest-only mortgage. There are two parts to it - an investment part and a life cover part - and it lasts for a set time. If you die during the policy, it pays off your mortgage debt. If you live until the policy ends, the investment part should give you enough to repay your mortgage, but this is not guaranteed.

Endowments can be cashed in early (or 'surrendered') and the holder then receives the surrender value which is determined by the insurance company depending on how long the policy has been running and how much has been paid in to it. A tax free benefit is paid out at maturity or on earlier death (assuming a qualifying policy).

The policyholder may sell the policy in the traded endowment market, as an alternative to surrender before the end of the term, although this must be carefully considered as financial penalties will often apply.

There are charges on all endowment policies and the Key Features document from endowment providers will explain these.
Early surrender will usually incur further charges from the provider. Policy contracts are assignable, allowing the assured person to irrevocably pass the beneficial rights to a third party such as a mortgage Lender, a bank, or an investor in traded policies. A regular premium is paid (normally monthly) to a Life Assurance company. A small part of this premium goes towards providing live cover to the original lives assured, but the bulk of it provides funds for the life company to invest for the term of the contract. The profits earned on this investment are apportioned annually to each policy. This is how the final maturity value builds up in a policy.

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