Investing in traded endowment policy is buying priceless time. Endowment policy is derived at the tail end of the policies. Endowment policy is transferred on the date of purchase. The date of delivery of the policy documents is irrelevant'. Total of reversionary bonuses declared so far. This figure would normally include any special bonuses declared. Market makers and auctioneers need to know the total bonuses given on the policy; this will be found on your latest bonus statement. If this cannot be found, life offices will usually provide the information to policyholders over the telephone.

The life company that issued the endowment policy. Life companies are now obligated to inform you that you have a selling alternative if you are considering surrendering your endowment policy, and. Works very closely with them to ensure that the process goes through as smoothly as possible. The length of time that you have held the policy. The surrender value you have been quoted by your life company.

There is a guaranteed payment of endowment to the policy holder, upon the completion of policy's term. Helps in reducing borrower's financial responsibility towards his/her family. Gives back original 'sum assured plus the accumulated bonuses' to the borrower. the endowment investment policy is a 'written contract' and a 'long term investment product'. It gives reversionary bonus to the borrower when the policy matures. There is a payment of surrender value to the policy holder in case of policy surrender. It guarantees a certain minimum amount when the endowment policy matures. It requires monthly payments and here the bonuses are declared annually. This type of endowment is very expensive, now it is rarely used.

Endowment policies are major drawbacks, and they have encouraged prospective policyholders to use other investments such as ISAS as their mortgage repayment vehicle. ISAS have therefore largely superseded endowments as the vehicle used to repay an interest-only mortgage, as they provide greater flexibility and better access to funds than endowments. In addition, they are likely to have lower charges and enjoy better tax treatment than endowments, especially during the early years, while still having the same underlying investments. It makes sense to take a medium to long-term view for any investment, and it's particularly necessary where the policy is being used to repay a mortgage. The performance over that period will vary, but it's unlikely to be all plain sailing.

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