A niche is just a particular aspect of life like money making, pets, dog training, beauty etc You see, you need to understand the fact that there are so many niches you can go into on the internet that will make you money but the major concern is that the niche must have a market. In short, the niche must have people who come online to buy and look for things about it. You can start a blog on any topic, including yourself. Most blogs are a mix of commentary, personal notes and links to other websites. You can write in-depth essays on serious subjects, or you can use blogging as a form of journal writing, posting thoughts on the movie you saw last night or something you thought of on the way to work. You can also upload graphics, video and sound files. Promote your ideas and business products

Most blogs contain links to websites you think your readers would be interested in, or to a post on someone else’s blog that pertains to what you’re discussing in your blog. Bloggers can even hold “conversations” between their blogs, with each blogger agreeing or disagreeing with another blogger’s posts.

If you already have a website, you can devote one or more of its web pages to your blog. There are also several blog communities, such as Blogger, Word press, MySpace, etc, that allows you to create a blog on their site. Many of these are free, but they usually offer the option to upgrade to paid service, which will give you additional features such as a photo journal, an email address or a sub domain name for your blog.

Does blogging sound like fun? Yes it is! Share your thoughts with the world, and start blogging today. Should you need my step by step guide on how generate money with your blog site simply send mail with your first name and valid email address to

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