Who is a blogger?
A blogger is someone who posts to his/her own weblog or someone who does so for others for a fee.
Blogs are a lot easier to maintain than websites because graphics and html codes are easily accessible from the blog site, such as Blogger or Wordpress. However, blogs are always in need of content updates, otherwise the blogger runs the risk of losing readership and credibility.
Originally, blogs could only be created by someone who already knew how to build a website. In recent years, however, many build-your-own-web-log tools have come into the market, some of them are free, some are paid for. Now anyone with the interest and Internet access can create their own blog and make money or generate income online.
By sharing their knowledge to readers, bloggers build credibility and a strong reputation among their readers. This would allow bloggers to become experts in their own fields and careers (good online income). There are different types of blog sites that host blogs. Some include Blogger, Word press, MySpace, Live Journal etc. There are many more other blog sites that can be found on the Internet. Some of these sites have tutorials to assist an interested individual in creating a blog. Should you need my step by step guide on how generate money with your blogsite simply send mail with your first name and valid email address to
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