This method has been made quite popular in recent years due to its ease and speed of making money. You get paid on a one-time basis by various companies to take a survey of your opinions about either an idea, product, movie, or any consumer item you can think of. These companies pay money for real people to evaluate their products because they need legitimate, real-world opinions about how good or bad their products are, or if there are any flaws associated with them. It is done all the time and it is very cost-effective for these companies to do these surveys, rather than go ahead with mass production and simply put the product out on the mass market, untested, where it may or may not be successful.
There are always new products being put out by successful companies so that they can stay competitive in today's fast-paced world, thus ensuring that there will always be a steady flow of surveys that will pay anyone to evaluate their products. This is how anyone can make a decent living if they wish to pursue this type of occupation full-time.
Paid surveys are subjected to frauds and scam artists because some unscrupulous individuals actually trick you into taking their surveys that claim they pay you, but never do. The real objective of these scammers is to collect your personal information, bombard it with spam and unsolicited advertisements, and maybe even sell your personal information to other third-parties. A paid survey site to consider go here     

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