The most common method of scamming people is to get someone to join their paid survey program, fill in their personal information, and then take a few surveys. This is what legitimate paid survey programs do. However, when you take the scam-surveys, they ask you questions, you answer them, and then are redirected to another website that asks for more personal information, and sometimes money from you. A legitimate paid survey would never or almost never ask you for money from you or more personal information other than the information you already gave them when you first agreed to take their surveys.
Most surveys pay from $5 dollars USD to $75 dollars USD, sometimes more or less. They can take anywhere from a few minutes to almost an hour to complete, depending on how much the company is paying you. The higher the dollar amount, the longer the survey will take to complete, generally.
I personally can complete the $75 dollar surveys in about 50 minutes, so that can give you an idea of how much you can make if y ou did this full-time. The $5 dollar surveys takes me about 3 minutes to finish.
there are legitimate companies today who offer paid surveys. You only answer the questions and for every answer you get a few dollars for payment. It's only a very small payment but when you answer many surveys, it will all amount to a bigger amount. Therefore one of such legitimate paid survey sites is click here .     
After signing up with the paid survey site you will need to signup with alert pay for your payment online its free,go here to sign up     

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